New Directions in Prayer featured on HuffPo Religion for Day of Prayer

For National Day of Prayer, Norris J. Chumley, Executive Producer and Series Host of the IRCPL’s radio series “New Directions in Prayer,” wrote about the series on HuffPo Religion.

IRCPL icon - Rethinking ReligionNew Directions in Prayer is unique for engaging both practitioners and scholars of religion to create a dialogue necessary for an informed public discussion on the role of prayer in people’s lives. Bringing interviews with scholars, professionals, and clergy members together with archival audio, the series is unique in its diverse approach to understanding what prayer is and the roles it plays.

This program was made possible through a grant from the Social Science Research Council, with support of the John Templeton Foundation. The opinions expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the views of the Social Science Research Council or the John Templeton Foundation.

Read more from Dr Chumley here, and listen to the entire New Directions series on here.

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