New Directions in Prayer: Trauma and Prayer

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Trauma and Prayer

New Directions in Prayer is a three-part series of one-hour radio episodes produced by the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life for its media project Rethinking Religion.  “Trauma and Prayer,” the first episode in the series, explores the role prayer plays in the lives of people who have experienced abuse or extreme trauma. With Dr. Norris J. Chumley as Series Host and Executive Producer and Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, author of Trauma and Grace, as featured commentator, the episode focuses not only on distinct forms of prayer, but also on the varied areas in which prayer is used to mitigate the impact of abuse and/or trauma. Listen to the full episode and full length interviews with the Rev. Dr. Serene Jones and William Moyers below.

This program was made possible through a grant from the Social Science Research Council, with support of the John Templeton Foundation. The opinions expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the views of the Social Science Research Council or the John Templeton Foundation.

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