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Two new books now available through the Arabic Translation Project


Two new books have just been published through the IRCPL’s Arabic Translation Project.  Democracy: A Reader, edited by Larry Diamond and Marcus Platner, and The Military Transition: Democratic Reform of the Armed Forces, by Narcis Serra, are now available.

In partnership with All Prints Distributors and Publishers, the Arabic Translation Project has published seven translations of books on democracy and case studies on democratic transitions since its inception in July 2012, and printed 10,000 copies of texts throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Other books in the series include:

  • Democracies in Danger by Alfred Stepan
  • On Democracy by Robert Dahl
  • Patterns of Democracyby Arend Lijphart
  • Democracy & Islam in Indonesia by Mirjam Kunkler and Alfred Stepan
  • The Arab Uprisings Explained: New Contentious Politics in the Middle Eastedited by Marc Lynch

The first three books, Democracies in DangerOn Democracy, and Patterns of Democracy, are already available on the Ektab and Al-Manhal digital platforms, and will become available on the Neel wa Furat and All Prints digital platforms this summer.  The other books will be available digitally soon.

More information about the Arabic Translation Project is available here.

March 2016 Senegal Research Trip Report Now Available


In March of 2016, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Mamadou Diouf, Kathy Ewing, and Karen Barkey, the Primary Investigators of the Sufi Islam in 21st Century Politics project within the Henry Luce Foundation grant to CDTR/IRCPL, took a research trip to Senegal, accompanied by Toby Volkman, the Director of Policy Initiatives at the Henry Luce Foundation.

During this trip they spent one day in Touba, the Mouride capital of Senegal, and one day in Tivaouane, the center of the Tijaniyyah. They attended and spoke at a conference organized by one of the leaders of the Mouride brotherhood and president of the Al Azhar Institute, Serigne Mame Mor Mbacke, and spent a day of conversation at the West African Research Center (WARC) to discuss toleration, Islam and the Sufis in Senegal with scholars and religious leaders in Dakar.

A full report this trip and the associated research is now available here.



Senegal Research Trip

Participants in meeting at Touba on education.
Senegal Prime Minister Mohammed Dionne greeting Karen Barkey, Kathy Ewing, and Toby Volkman
Toby Volkman and Mamadou Diouf at the Al Azhar Institute conference in Dakar
The library at Touba
Turkish Korans in the library at Tivaouane
Abdoul Aziz Mbacké, Mamadou Diouf, and Souleymane Bachir Diagne at the library in Touba
Majalis President Abdoul Aziz Mbacké in Touba
Universite Cheikh Anmadou Bamba in Touba
Institut Al Azhar in Touba
An English-language class at Touba
A classroom in Touba
Karen Barkey with students from the agricultural school at Touba
Souleymane Bachir Diagne at Tivaouane
Students at Touba schools
Students at Touba schools
Students in Touba schools
Students from the schools at Touba

Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites Reviewed in the Journal of Historical Geography

IRCPL publication - Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites book cover

Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites: Religion, Politics and Conflict Resolution, edited by Elazar Barkan and Karen Barkey, is reviewed by Connie Gagliardi in the February 2016 issue of the Journal of Historical Geography.

Choreographies, published by Columbia University Press in 2014, “presents to the reader…a rethinking of the conceptual language of sacred spaces,” according to Gagliardi, “by considering the ways in which the religious has become manipulated within competing religious narratives over the sharing of sacred sites.”

She continues: “Barkan and Barkey’s Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites offers its readers an ethnographic window into the problems and political obfuscations over the ownership and maintenance of shared sacred spaces.”

Choreographies is available at  Read Connie Gagliardi’s entire review in the Journal of Historical Geography.

Liam Gillick’s Bampton Lectures Now Available from Columbia University Press


This March, Columbia University Press will release Liam Gillick’s Industry and Intelligence: Contemporary Art Since 1820.  This text represents the culmination of his 2013 Bampton Lectures at Columbia.

In Industry and Intelligence, Gillick writes a nuanced genealogy to help us appreciate contemporary art’s engagement with history even when it seems apathetic or blind to current events. Taking a broad view of artistic creation from 1820 to today, Gillick follows the response of artists to incremental developments in science, politics, and technology. The great innovations and dislocations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have their place in this timeline, but their traces are alternately amplified and diminished as Gillick moves through artistic reactions to liberalism, mass manufacturing, psychology, nuclear physics, automobiles, and a host of other advances. He intimately ties the origins of contemporary art to the social and technological adjustments of modern life, which artists struggled to incorporate truthfully into their works.

Industry and Intelligence is now available for pre-order from Columbia University Press and other booksellers.


Founded in 1948, the Bampton Lectures in America are a series of biennial lectures given by prominent scholars in the fields of theology, science, art, and medicine. Established through a bequest from Ada Byron Bampton Tremaine, the Lectures are delivered to a general audience and subsequently published. Last year’s Lectures were delivered by Talmudic scholar Daniel Boyarin.  In Spring of 2017, the Lectures will focus once again on science.

Nathanael Shelley Leads Discussion Group Sponsored by the New York Council for the Humanities


IRCPL Researcher Nathanael Shelley will lead “Muslim Journeys,” a reading and discussion group sponsored by the New York Council for the Humanities this spring at the Desmond-Fish Library in Garrison, New York.  During the six-part series, aimed at a general community audience, the group will read and discuss books that explore “personal and political transformations in the Muslim world,” according to a recent article in

“I am most interested in the way the personal struggles or journeys change an individual’s perception of themselves as well as of culture or the world in which they live,” Shelley says in the interview. “These books aren’t about Islam, but they are about individuals who move through Muslim worlds.”

Read the full article here at


Istanbul Seminars – Call for Scholars and Students

Istanbul Seminars 2016 poster JPG (1)

9th Istanbul Seminars May 24-28, 2016
Religion, Rights and the Public Sphere

The 9th edition of the Istanbul Seminars will be held on May 24-28, 2016 at Istanbul Bilgi University. Topic: “Religion, Righs and the Public Sphere.”  The conference takes place at Istanbul Bilgi University and attracts a considerable audience of scholars and students from all over the world.


The Istanbul Seminars 2016 welcome international students, postgraduates and researchers to join a week of philosophical meetings with renowned intellectuals who are committed to the issues of pluralism and democracy.

Small grants are available for students and young scholars who apply.

All necessary information is available at