Call for Proposals: Faculty Working Groups on Religion and Public Life

The Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life at Columbia University supports academic research, teaching, and scholarship on the study of religion and public life at Columbia University. The Institute seeks proposals from Columbia University faculty for faculty working groups to actively support scholarship and thought concerning the study of religion and public life.

Faculty working groups supported by the Institute aim to facilitate connections, conversations, and collaborations on issues related to the study of religion that crosses disciplinary and departmental lines. Creating a space for interdisciplinary discussion may lead to new collaborations and the formation of new research teams or lay the ground for new cross-departmental or cross-faculty cooperation.

Working groups consist of three or more faculty members from two or more Columbia University departments who undertake to meet a minimum of 3 times per semester in order to promote the exchange of ideas and the development of new research networks. In addition, working groups may invite the participation of faculty or scholars from outside Columbia University to promote collaboration with other institutions.

Proposal Requirements

The deadline for working group applications for the Spring 2017 semester is Tuesday, November 8th.

The following information is required:

  • Name and rationale for the group’s interdisciplinary character
  • Key questions the working group will use to focus its discussion
  • The issues in scholarship, research, and public life that the group will address
  • Proposed activities
  • Projected budget

The proposal should be between three to five pages. In addition, include the CVs of all faculty participants.

The proposal must be signed by a minimum of three Columbia University faculty members from more than one academic department or institute.


Typically, working groups can apply for up to $1,500 per semester, with funds awarded based on activities proposed. Proposals will be reviewed by the Institute and results will be announced by Tuesday November 15th.

Proposals should be sent electronically to Walid Hammam at [email protected].