Religions of Harlem

So we stand here
On the edge of hell
In Harlem
And look out on the world
And wonder
What we’re gonna do
In the face of what
We remember

—Langston Hughes

Religions of Harlem is the first web-based effort to publicly document the religious life of the Harlem neighborhood of New York. With the help of Columbia University students, and under the guidance of Professors Obery Hendricks and Josef Sorett, Religions of Harlem uses diverse media to provide a unique view of the wide range of religious expressions, leaders, and communities that have been and continue to be central to the cultural worlds of Harlem. In the blog section of our site, students in the Religions of Harlem course at Columbia University use photos, videos, and audio recordings to bring to life various locations throughout Harlem.

In addition to reaching audiences through the world wide web and reaching students through the classroom, Religions of Harlem sponsors public events and forums. For more information, please visit our About and People pages, or email us at [email protected]. This project is supported by and associated with the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life and is a collaborative effort with the Institute for Research in African-American Studies.