Allah School in Mecca

The Allah School in Mecca is the nation’s headquarters established in 1971 for The Nation of Gods and Earths, a.k.a., The Five Percenters. Founded by Clarence Edward Smith, a.k.a., Brother Clarence 13x as a youth center to teach the young black youth knowledge-of-self, that is, “God is our body: arm-leg-leg-arm-head = ALLAH.” The Nation of Gods and Earths is not a hate group, gang, or religion. There are many misconceptions of the group as being anti-white or pro-black. They emphasize they are neither anti-white nor pro-black, but rather pro-righteous. In fact, the group recognizes equal opportunity and welcomes people from all ethnicities in an attempt to make positive contributions to society.

The group teaches 120 lessons, which ultimately leads to “supreme wisdom.” In addition to the 120 lessons,  there is a system of “supreme mathematics,” where the numbers 0-9 have representational meaning, principles, and concepts and is the focal-point of class discussions. The importance of their doctrine is to share knowledge and strengthen potentials.

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