Dr. Attiya Ahmad with Dr. Lila Abu-Lughod
"Everyday Conversions: Islam, Domestic Work, and South Asian Migrant Women in Kuwait" // March 29th @ 4:10-6:00pm
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Dr. Attiya Ahmad
Part of the Religion & Public Life Series: "Halal Tourism & The Spoils of War in the Middle East" // March 30th @ 4:10-6:00pm
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"The Music, Movements, and Ritual of the Spirit Circle" // March 31st @ 5:00-7:00pm
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Tariq Ramadan
Muslims and/in the West: Past, Present, Future // March 30th @ 12:00p-2:00p
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Tariq Ramadan: Muslims and/in the West: Past, Present, Future March 30 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm


With Brexit, the election of Trump in the US, and the rise of the far-right in Europe, Muslims are facing greater scrutiny than ever before.  Throughout Europe and the US they are increasingly considered a fifth column.  Globally, self-identified Muslims are often considered harbingers of regressive values that are antithetical to a secular project of progressive […]

Katherine Pratt Ewing Honored with Faculty Distinction


IRCPL Director Katherine Pratt Ewing was honored recently with Faculty Distinction after having been awarded the Luce/ACLS Program in Religion, Journalism, and International Affairs Grant.  Professor Ewing, along with Alexander Stille, San Paolo Professor of International Journalism, is among the first grantees in this new program aimed at work that connects scholarship on religion to journalism training and practice. A number of […]